OCO MUSIC RECORDS is a thriving independent record label, own by one of Africa’s finest: Okwudili C Okwudili. OCO MUSIC RECORDS is home to musical acts such Kel Wizzy and Parees, as well as a number of up-and-coming artists.

The label takes pride in being an efficacious Indie record label. OCO MUSIC RECORDS focuses on label management and is thoroughly involved in the entire music production process.

OCO MUSIC RECORDS, houses its own creative team, specializing in music publishing, song writing, touring and merchandising, producer and engineer management, public relations as well as a host of additional entertainment matters.

Meet OCO Signed Artists

Parees | Oco Record's Artist
Kel Wizzy | Oco Record's Artist


Call Us: 2348038420398 | Email Us: ceo@ocoworld.com OR records@ocoworld.com